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Ms. Christelle HENRION


Mrs. Christelle HENRION - Naturopath

I am a naturopath, graduated in June 2022 from ADNL (Académie De Naturopathie Luxembourg), REIKI energy care practitioner since 2018 and lithotherapy practitioner.

Naturopathy aims to balance the body's functions by natural means (diet, plants, physical activity, etc.).
I wanted to add Reiki energy treatments and the use of stones and crystals to this discipline in order to offer you a holistic approach.


My work consists of helping you to put in place healthy lifestyle measures that will enable you to maintain your body and mind in good health and harmony, thanks to a holistic approach to your physical, mental and energetic health.


  • Naturopath

  • Reiki energy treatments

  • Lithotherapy


  • Graduate of ADNL (Académie de Naturopathie Luxembourg), June 2022

  • Reiki Master Practitioner Certificate

  • Lithotherapy practitioner certificate

Spoken languages:

  • French


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